Each Hotel with Lux *Luxury Entertainment* Partnership contains a team of
professionals who share the same passion for creating new and amazing entertainment
experiences all over the world, right down to the smallest detail.


Lux strives to ‘Blow Away Our Customers’ every day and remains one of
leading international developers and operators in the Entertainment Branche
of destination resorts and Luxury Hotels.

We believe in making our guests happy beyond their wildest imagination.

We are a team of professionals who share the same passion –
entertainment, detail by detail, new amazing experiences all over the world.

Why LUX ?

We are a company that never settles.
In that way, we attract colleagues who share our desire to push until
the next level is achieved, and then to keep going.
We invest in our colleagues and their careers – and in the location of each hotel.
By working within communities to create jobs, training, education
and opportunities that enrich lives, we assure that when we succeed,
the communities are rewarded.


Welcome to the World of  LUX Luxury Entertainment

Stay Lux – Work Lux – be LUX

Management & CEO
LUX Luxury Entertainment